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Important Bird & Biodiversity Areas in BC

The BC IBA program is coordinated by BC Nature (the Federation of BC Naturalists) with support from national partners Nature Canada and Bird Studies Canada. BC’s 83 designated sites form a significant portion of the network of ~600 IBAs across Canada, which is not surprising considering 76% of Canada’s bird species are found in BC. An additional 185 sites were nominated for inclusion in the IBA network, which indicates that there are many more outstanding sites for birds in BC.

Each IBA in BC has a site summary, which can be viewed on the IBA Canada website. These summaries and associated maps were published in 2000 and are in the process of being updated. Additional information about BC’s IBAs can be found in the annual reports and photos submitted by volunteer Caretakers for each IBA. To view annual reports, or learn more about the volunteer Caretaker Network or how you can get involved, please visit our Caretaker page.

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