NatureKids BC (formerly known as Young Naturalists Club of BC)

NatureKids BC are a special group of young people, aged five to 12:

  • who care about nature in BC,
  • who want to know as much as possible about everything from the smallest beetle burrowing in the earth to the mighty eagle soaring over the forest, and
  • who want to make sure these creatures will always be here, sharing the planet with us.

Members receive NatureWILD magazine four times a year. It contains articles about wild animals, fish, fossils, rocks and all sorts of other topics, written by leading BC naturalists.Look at that

In the magazine, there are also games, puzzles and stories about and from young naturalists who are involved in exciting and challenging projects around the province.

There are over 40 clubs of young naturalists in communities and schools all over the province.  For each group, a leader arranges Explorer Days  when members and their parents go on outings led by local nature experts. A parent or adult guardian goes with a member on every outing. When a member has gone on 12 outings he or she is awarded a YNC baseball cap!

Through the Action Awards  program, members will find many different, interesting ways to study and protect nature while earning points towards great prizes. Some of these actions will be explained in the magazine, but members also find projects in our activity guides (bronze, silver and gold).

Members work for certificates and pins that recognize their accomplishments in:
•    Nature study
•    Conservation projects
•    Participation in community events such as shoreline cleanup, school nature gardening, pitch-in week, and recycling campaigns.

To Join (memberships are just $25/ family/ year) or learn more about the NatureKids, go to


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