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How can I contribute to the Foundation? For information regarding donations and planned giving, click here .

All donations, unless specified otherwise, will be added to the Endowment Fund and only the earnings from the Endowment Fund will be available for disbursement.

You can mail donations to the BC Nature office, or donate online through the CanadaHelps website at  BC Naturalists Foundation Direct Link .  The CanadaHelps website will email you a tax receipt immediately.  Donors through the BC Nature office will be mailed the tax receipt within a few weeks.

The publication Green Legacies (revised 2015) is helpful.  It describes the types of charitable gifts, both current gifts (such as cash, securities, shares, personal property, commemorative gifts) and deferred gifts (such as life insurance, annuity, bequests, remainder trusts, retirement funds).  The booklet explains the tax implications of such gifts, the benefits to the donor and the benefits to the charity.  The booklet also describes gifts of land or covenants and Canada’s Ecological Gifts Program.  Green Legacies (revised 2015) is a joint project of the Land Trust alliance of British Columbia and Give Green Canada.

Contact If you have questions regarding the Foundation, contact the President or Directors through the BC Nature Office Manager. E-mail:  manager@bcnature.ca Phone: 604-985-3057 Mail: 1620 Mount Seymour Road, North Vancouver, BC  V7G 2R9

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