Delta Naturalists’ Society

Club interests: All things “Nature” including, but not limited to: Environment, Land, Sea, Sky, Stars, Wildlife, Botany, Birding , Agriculture, Conservation

When it meets: First Tuesday of each month (except July and August) at 7:30 p.m.  Weekly birding outings: details posted on the Delta Nats Casual Birding  blog

Where it meets: Monthly meetings are at Benediction Lutheran Church, 5575 6 Avenue, Delta Directions – For weekly DNCB outings, check the Delta Nats Casual Birding blog for where and when to meet

Membership fee:  Individual $35, Family $45

Number of members:  120

Newsletter: Monthly (except July and August)

Checklist:  Birds of Boundary Bay Regional Park (available from BC Wildlife Watch)

Website: Blog: Delta Nats Casual Birding –  Photos at DNCB

Other: Situated on beautiful Boundary Bay and close to many natural areas: dark sky – stargazing; Fraser River – migrating fish; wetlands – frogs, plants; ocean bay – fish, whales and porpoises; uplands – deer; bog – Sandhill Cranes; forests – trees; lots of birding areas – eg. the Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary and two regional parks (Boundary Bay and Deas Island).

Email: Delta Naturalists’ Society Representative

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