Squamish Environmental Conservation Society (Operating name Squamish Environment Society)

Club interests: Conservation, birding, nature outings, monthly estuary bird surveys, Christmas bird count, breeding bird surveys, Eagle Watch Interpretive Program and Eagle Count, Citizen Scientist, invasive species management, work parties.

When it meets: Monthly directors meetings

Where it meets: Location varies.

Membership fee: Individual $20, Family/institution $25

Number of members: Currently 50 with 240 e-news subscribers

Newsletter: Monthly e-news

Checklists: Birds of the Squamish Estuary and Birds of Howe Sound available online at: www.squamishenvironment.ca/programs/squamish-birders/ Print versions available from the Squamish Adventure Centre and Brackendale Art Gallery.

Website: www.squamishenvironment.ca/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/naturesquamish

Twitter: Follow SquamishEnvironment@naturesquamish

Birding Stats: squamishbirds.webs.com/countrecords.htm

Contact Person: Rachel Shephard

Squamish Environment Society,
PO Box 706, Squamish BC, V8B 0A5

Contact Us: Website

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