Bird Song Apps and Recordings

A Guide to Bird Calls of Southern Vancouver Island 6CD set Training tool for Non-song Vocalizations by Rocky Point Bird Observatory Ian Cruickshank and Ann Nightingale

Beginners Guide to BC Bird Song by John Neville and Mel Coulson 2CD We have presented the bird songs of 84 species in eight easy lessons. Our goal is to assist people of all ages to recognize the bird songs around them. There are backyard, forest, marsh and grassland birds of B.C including Vancouver Island. There is a short quiz at the end of each lesson to help in the learning process., Bateman Center and

Bird Songs of Canada  by John Neville 4CD Canada’s diverse habitats are home to an extraordinary variety of breeding birds, nearly all of which are profiled in Bird Songs of Canada – a remarkable reference work bringing together many hundreds of high-quality recordings in a single 4-CD set. This exceptional collection provides a reconnection with nature, highlights our astonishing avian diversity, and offers a valuable tool to anyone seeking to identify birds by their songs and calls. Itunes, Bateman Centre and

Bird Songs of Canada’s West Coast by 7 John Neville CD Revised 2017 An introduction, organized by habitat, to the common birds of this region, including Sooty Grouse, Red-breasted Sapsucker, Barred Owl, Swainson’s Thrush, Rufous Hummingbird and Band-tailed Pigeon. Collection of 99 bird, 1 frog and 3 marine-mammal sounds from the west coast of Canada. Itunes, Bateman Center Victoria and

Larkwire can be purchased through iTunes or as a web-based “app” that works on any computer (including many phones and tablets). Find more birds—and know them better. Birding by ear helps you find more birds—lots more. But it also helps you enter their world in a new way.



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