A Field Guide to Birds of the Pacific Northwest by Tony Greenfield This handy guide features 126 common species of birds likely to be encountered in coastal areas of Alaska, British Columbia, Washington and Oregon. The region is a bird watcher’s dream as diverse habitats ranging from marine and shoreline environments to mountain forests are all easily accessible, and each habitat has a wide variety of bird species. Every season is exciting in the bird world of the Pacific Northwest as the mild climate attracts many wintering birds and the summers see migrant species arriving from the south to breed.

At Sea with The Marine Birds of the Raincoast by Caroline Fox 2016 Paperback combines the natural and human histories of Pacific Northwest marine birds with Caroline Fox’s personal story of her life as a conservation scientist. Accompanied by vivid images, drawings and both archival and modern photography, the narrative follows the author as she sails the coast, documenting marine bird diversity and seasonal shifts in community assemblages.

The Birder’s Guide : Vancouver Island by Keith Taylor. 2000 A companion volume to the successful The Birder’s Guide to British Columbia, this guide to bird-watching sites on Vancouver Island is essential to both beginner and expert bird-watchers. It includes comprehensive itineraries for day trips to some of the best birding areas in North America, and also offers information on habitats and seasonal bird sightings for each site. A checklist of species includes the best times for sightings and provides a quick reference guide with easy-to-follow maps that make planning trips simple.

Birds of Coastal British Columbia by Nancy Baron and John Acorn 1997 Amazon Award-winning author Nancy Baron and television’s The Nature Nut, John Acorn, have teamed up to write this insightful book. More than 200 species of common West Coast birds are grouped by their similarity of appearance and colour coded for quick identification.

Birds of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest: A Complete Guide Second Edition. Richard Cannings, Tom Aversa et al. Amazon 458p. Authoritative account by highly competent birder-scholars. A useful supplement to field guides.I llustrated with photographs—2-4 per species. Species accounts include Range Map, Description with highlighted field marks, Similar Species, Status & Distribution, Habitat Associations, Behaviour and Feeding, Vocalizations.

Seasons with Birds.   Bruce Whittington. ISBN 1-894898-21-4.   2004 ebook Overdrive

With growing numbers of people turning to birdwatching as their favourite outdoor activity, this delightful book will be welcome. Unlike the typical guidebook, this beautifully illustrated work brings readers the birding experience—the thrill of spotting a particular bird for the first time, the wonder of witnessing the easy power of a gyrfalcon’s flight, the pleasure of watching the dramatic choreography of a flock of wheeling shorebirds.

The Birds of Vancouver Island’s West Coast. Adrian Dorst, On Point Press, 2018 ISBN:9780774890106 UBC Press The west coast region of Vancouver Island encompasses mountainous terrain, rainforest, mudflats, and ragged coastlines that bear the brunt of storms spawned by an immense ocean. Remote and inaccessible to birders until well into the twentieth century, the “wild west coast” is also one of the most spectacular bird habitats in the world. Here one can observe multitudes of oceanic birds passing offshore, or venturing ashore to breed, and witness the countless avian migrants travelling north and south each year along the great Pacific Flyway.

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