A Field Guide to Insects of the Pacific Northwest by Dr. Robert Canning 2018

Butterflies of British Columbia. John Acorn & Ian Sheldon. Lone Pine Publishing 2006 ISBN10: 1551051133 Award-winning science writer, naturalist and entomologist John Acorn has an approach to butterflies that lets you enjoy them without harming them. His book identifies every species of butterfly ever recorded in British Columbia. Nature illustrator and acclaimed artist Ian Sheldon contributes a stunning array of colour illustrations.The book also features dazzling colour photographs and quick-reference listings of distinguishing features, flight periods, geographic ranges, behaviour and preferred food plants.

Introducing the Dragonflies of British Columbia and the Yukon by Robert A. Cannings 2002 ISBN 978-0-7226-4637-6 Birding and butterfly watching have been popular outdoor activities for decades. Now, dragonfly watching is catching on as a fascinating and enjoyable pursuit. Dragonflies are large, colourful insects with amazing and easily observed behaviour. Noted entomologist Dr. Robert Cannings introduces students, naturalists and outdoor enthusiasts to the world of dragonflies. In this compact book, he shows readers where to find dragonflies and how to watch and study them in the field. In the introduction, Dr. Cannings outlines the natural history of these insects—their structure, life cycles, habitats and behaviour. Then he describes the 88 species known in British Columbia and the Yukon, noting habitat preferences and distribution. To make identification easy, each description has one or more colour photographs and comparisons with similar species.

Keeping the Bees: Why All Bees are at Risk and What We Can Do to Save Them by Laurence Packer. Toronto: Harper Collins Canada. 2010. 272 pages.

Pacific Northwest Insects by Merrill A. Peterson 2018, Seattle Audobon, UBC Press ISBN: 9780914516187 Detailed identifying information on over 3,000 species-Complete description of 1,200 species-Organized by insect group for easy identification-Up-to-date taxonomy

Vancouver Island Butterflies. Mike Yip & James Miskelley ISBN 9780973816143 Photos and descriptions of all butterflies that have been seen on Vancouver Island.

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