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A Field Guide to Crabs of the Pacific Northwest by Gregory C. Jensen.,NOT YET PUBLISHED ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-909-5 Crabs can be found in abundance along the shorelines from Oregon to BC, burrowed under sand, seaweed and rocks. Keep this portable field guide handy on trips to the seashore to identify over forty species of crabs and hermit crabs in all shapes and sizes. Discover the differences between the Butterfly Crab and the Puget Sound King Crab and learn how to distinguish between male and female crabs. With full-colour photographs and descriptive text for easy identification, A Field Guide to Crabs of the Pacific Northwest is an ideal companion for curious beach goers of all ages.

A Field Guide to Marine Life of the Outer Coasts of the Salish Sea and Beyond by Rick M, Harbo, Harbour Publishing. The common marine life of the transition waters and more exposed coasts of the Salish Sea are abundant and diverse: giant green anemones, amazing sea stars and thick kelp forests. This eight-fold field guide is a useful aid to coastal exploration of the shores of the Strait of Juan       de Fuca, from Victoria, BC, to Port Angeles, WA, as well as the southern Gulf Islands and San Juan Islands and beyond. With over seventy colour photographs to help explorers identify the most common marine wildlife, this travel-friendly pocket guide is packed full of fascinating marine creatures that will capture the interest and imagination of anyone along the Outer Coast—visitor or resident, young or old.

A Field Guide to Marine Life of the Protected Waters of the Salish Sea by Rick M. Harbo

A folding guide to intertidal marine life of the Salish Sea including sea stars, shellfish, anemones, jellyfish and more. A Field Guide to Marine Life of the Protected Waters of the Salish Sea includes the most commonly observed species in the tide pools and protected waters of the Salish Sea—that intricate network of coastal waterways spanning southern BC and northwestern Washington. Covering invertebrates, fish and seaweeds, this guide includes key identification features, fun facts and habitat, as well as seventy colour photographs. Water-resistant and compact, this guide is easy to pack on any trip to the shore and perfect for curious minds of all ages.

 A Field Guide to Nudibranchs of the Pacific Northwest by Rick M. Harbo . Harbour Publishing. ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-493-9 Sometimes called the most colourful creatures on earth, nudibranchs are a type of shell-less marine snail that capture the attention of scuba divers, snorkelers and tidepool-gazers with their bizarre, ornate body forms and incandescent colouration.
There are over 3,000 species worldwide and some of the most spectacular specimens are native to the temperate waters of the Pacific Northwest. A diver of many years’ experience, Rick Harbo presents a brilliant guide to the most notable specimens found in local waters. This durable, water-resistant 8-fold pamphlet identifies more than 50 of the most common species from California to Alaska and is an ideal companion on visits to the sea as well as a beautiful addition to the home library.

 A Field Guide to Sea Stars of the Pacific Northwest by Neil McDaniel. Harbour Publishing. ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-513-4 Sea stars are amongst the most common and conspicuous invertebrates that thrive in the rich waters of the Pacific Northwest, from northern California to southeast Alaska. Worldwide there are more than 2,000 different species, but no other temperate region has a greater variety and abundance of these colourful and often very large echinoderms, which are closely related to sea urchins, sea cucumbers, brittle stars and feather stars. This durable, water-resistant 8-fold field guide describes how to identify more than 30 species likely to be encountered by beach walkers and scuba enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest….

Beachcomber’s Guide to Seashore Life in the Pacific Northwest Revised by J Duane Sept ISBN978-1550178371 The Pacific Northwest coast is home to one of the most diverse displays of intertidal marine life in the world, including sponges, clams, snails, crabs, sea stars, sea anemones, jellies, fishes, seaweeds and more. The New Beachcomber’s Guide to the Pacific Northwest is a portable and easy-to-use reference for searching out and identifying the hundreds of species of seashore life found on the beaches of British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Northern California and Southeast Alaska. Covering the Pacific Northwest’s most common shoreline-dwelling flora and fauna, the guide gives in each entry a detailed description of appearance and habitat accompanied by colour photos for easy identification of any creature you might encounter as you explore your local beach. Simple but essential information on tides and the various habitats within the intertidal zones is also provided to assist beachcombers in exploring safely with minimal ecological impact. The New Beachcomber’s Guide even contains up-to-date descriptions of the best beachcombing sites and when to visit them―you may even find your new favourite exploration grounds! Thoroughly revised and packed with handy and accessible information, this guide belongs in the beach bag or backpack of any avid naturalist, amateur beachcomber or adventurous family.

Brittle Stars, Sea Urchins and Feather Stars of BC, Southeast Alaska and Puget Sound by Philip Lambert and William C. Austin ISBN 978-07726-5618-6 Royal BC Museum Handbook 2007. In this third and final handbook on BC’s echinoderms, Philip Lambert and William Austin describe 34 species of brittle stars, sea urchins and feather stars inhabiting the coastal waters of BC, the Alaska Panhandle and Puget Sound

Cretaceous and Eocene Decapod Crustaceans from Southern Vancouver Island by Schweitzer 2003 A large collection of fossil decapod crustaceans from Cretaceous and Eocene rocks of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, has yielded a remarkably diverse fauna. The Cretaceous decapod fauna, including previously described and new taxa, contains 17 genera in 14 families, represented by as many as 22 species.

Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest. by A. Lamb and B.P. Hanby. 2005 Madiera park: Harbour Publishing

 Pacific Reef and Shore A Photo Guide to Northwest Marine Life by Rick M. Harbo ISBN978-1-55017-304-8 2003 Pacific Reef & Shore is the 21st century successor to Harbo’s 1980 bestseller Tidepool and Reef, with more species, up-to-date scientific information and many brilliant new full-colour photographs of the 300 most common plants and animals of the intertidal zone. Arranged for quick identification with colour-coded sections, this ingenious guide has written descriptions of each organism, with size, habitat and interesting facts conveniently placed next to its photo. Authoritative and accessible, Pacific Reef & Shore is the indispensable companion for divers, kayakers and beach strollers alike

Pacific Seaweeds: A Guide to the Common Sea Weeds of the West Coast Updated and Expanded Edition by Louis Druehl and Bridgette Clarkson. 2016. Harbour Publishing. This updated and expanded guide thoroughly documents every aspect of seaweed life, from species identification and seaweed biology to the essential and often surprising roles seaweed plays in the marine ecosystem and our everyday lives. Seaweeds are used in everything from cosmetics to sustainable biofuels, and some species, like kelp, contribute to the remediation of coastal ecosystems.

 Sea Cucumbersof British Columbia, Southeast Alaska and Puget Sound by Philip Lambert  ISBN 978-0-7748-0607-7 Royal BC Museum Handbook 1997. Vancouver: UBC Press.

Sea Stars of BC, Southeast Alaska and Puget Sound by Philip Lambert ISBN 0-7748-0825-X Royal BC Museum Handbook 2000. Vancouver: UBC Press.

 Shells and Shellfish of the Pacific Northwest: A Field Guide. by R. M. Harbo. 1997. Madiera park: Harbour Publishing

The Sea Among Us: The Amazing Strait of Georgia. By Richard Beamish and Gordon McFarlane, Harbour Publishing, 2014

Whelks to Whales: Coastal Marine life of the Pacific Northwest. By Nick Harbo, Second edition. Madiera Park: Harbour Publishing. 2011. Rick Harbo, B.Sc., is one of the Pacific Northwest’s leading marine writers and photographers. Author of the bestselling Tidepool and Reef, The Edible Seashore, Guide to the Western Seashore, Shells and Shellfish of the Pacific Northwest, and Whelks to Whales, Harbo is a diver, teacher of marine life courses and a senior marine biologist with Fisheries and Oceans Canada in Nanaimo, BC, where he lives with his wife and children.

Teaching of the Tides. Uses of Marine Invertebrates by the Manhousat People

David W. Ellis & Luke Swan. Theytus Books ISBN 0-919441-02-5.   1981

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