Beginner’s Guide to common Vancouver Island Birds (Vol. 4) by Mike Yip. ISBN 9780973816150. Photos and descriptions for over 230 common Vancouver Island birds. NEW (available fall 2020).

Birds of British Columbia: A Photographic Journey by Glenn Bartley 2013 9781927051696 hardcover

More species of birds breed in British Columbia annually than anywhere else in Canada. Additionally, hundreds of migratory birds spend a portion of the year here, making BC a birdwatcher’s paradise.

Denman and Hornby Nature by Mike Yip. ISBN 9780973836 – Photos and articles about the environment, birds, butterflies, flowers, and underwater nature of Denman and Hornby Island

 ICE (In the Comox Valley Book 8) by S.E. McKenzie ebook Amazon Kindle .The Comox Valley, situated on Vancouver Island, British Columbia has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world and appears to be constantly changing during various weather conditions.

  Pacific Reef and Shore A Photo Guide to Northwest Marine Life by Rick M. Harbo ISBN978-1-55017-304-8 2003 Pacific Reef & Shore is the 21st century successor to Harbo’s 1980 bestseller Tidepool and Reef, with more species, up-to-date scientific information and many brilliant new full-colour photographs of the 300 most common plants and animals of the intertidal zone. Arranged for quick identification with colour-coded sections, this ingenious guide has written descriptions of each organism, with size, habitat and interesting facts conveniently placed next to its photo. Authoritative and accessible, Pacific Reef & Shore is the indispensable companion for divers, kayakers and beach strollers alike

Step into Wilderness: A Pictoral History of Outdoor Exploration in and Around the Comox Valley by Deborah Griffiths, Christine Dickinson et al. 2020. The spectacular landscapes in and surrounding the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island have long shaped the lives of the valley’s diverse inhabitants. From expansive shorelines to snowy mountain peaks, the region contains a wide variety of attractions to lure people over their thresholds for sustenance, recreation and survival, including such landmarks as Forbidden Plateau, Paradise Meadows, Comox Glacier, Mt. Washington and Miracle Beach.

The Comox Valley: Courtenay, Comox, Cumberland and Area by Paula Wild and Rick James Harbour Publishing 2006 The Photography will delight and entertain long-time residents, newcomers and visitors to the area, as well as armchair travellers. From snowcapped mountains and delicate sub-alpine meadows to sandy beaches and secluded bays, The Comox Valley offers a fascinating look at one of the most popular regions on Vancouver Island–the area that stretches along the east coast of Vancouver Island from Fanny Bay to Black Creek, including the communities of Comox, Courtenay, Cumberland and Merville, as well as Denman and Hornby islands.

Vancouver Island Birds (Vol. 3) by Mike Yip. ISBN 9780973816129-Photos and articles about Vancouver Island birds including the mysterious White Ravens.

Vancouver Island Butterflies. Mike Yip & James Miskelley ISBN 9780973816143 Photos and descriptions of all butterflies that have been seen on Vancouver Island.

Vancouver Island Imagine by Peter Grant and Boomer Jerritt 2014

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