BC Nature’s conservation mandate is reflected in our motto: “To Know Nature and Keep It Worth Knowing”.

In our role as a “Voice for Nature in BC”, BC Nature actively works to protect biodiversity, species at risk, parks and other natural areas throughout the province. Our members participate in many organizations that help shape public policy on our environment, and BC Nature allies itself with other organizations, First Nations, and governments when they promote mutual goals (Check the stakeholder comments on the recent caribou issues). Our member clubs are at the forefront of many conservation and stewardship projects, including the establishment and defense of protected areas. Some of our areas of involvement include Important Bird & Biodiversity Areas, the Fraser River estuary, climate change, fossil fuel projects, alternative energy, mining, wildlife management, and marine protection. Read our latest Conservation Committee Report in our Magazine of BC Nature.

BC Nature policy on conservation issues is established by passing resolutions presented by individuals and clubs at Annual General Meetings. Past resolutions are available for viewing and downloading: See Resolutions page.

BC Nature’s Conservation Committee coordinates conservation activities such as letter writing, petitions and meetings with government staff and ministers. All correspondences, briefs, and position papers are reviewed and approved by the Executive and receive the President’s signature, as warranted. Letters can be viewed at the Letters Sent/Received page.  Club members are encouraged to contribute their knowledge and share their concerns about local conservation issues that would benefit from the broader support of BC Nature. Conversely, BC Nature helps to inform our members about issues that concern naturalists.

All BC Nature members are welcome to participate in discussions on conservation issues and policy, and to receive conservation action alerts through the BC Nature Conservation Network. To link with this email network, contact the BC Nature office through e-mail or phone: 604-985-3057.

The BC Nature Conservation Committee supports conservation initiatives by clubs in their jurisdictions, but also wishes to use the collective voice of BC Nature to address conservation issues that warrant action on a provincial scale. From time to time, we wish to draw upon the expertise of BC Nature members, as our committee members have set some priorities and can’t cover all fields. If you have a burning environmental issue relevant to our members interests, that you would like to actively pursue, please contact the Conservation Committee. We can review your letter to government and pass it through the Conservation Committee and the Executive, and send it along under our President’s signature.

For BC Nature members who wish to keep abreast of current activities of the BCN Conservation Committee, send the Conservation Committee Chair your email address and we will send you regular updates, approximately quarterly.


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