BC Nature (Federation of BC Naturalists) Publications

A few of these reports have copies available, but all are available for reading and copying at BC Nature office.  Contact Office Manager, at manager@bcnature.ca

Annotated Bibliography of Several Publications

Wildlife Viewing Brochures and Seabird Survival Brochure – see  Projects

Annual Reports and Fall General Meeting Reports – for all previous years, including:

AGM Report 2002

AGM Report 2003

AGM Report 2006

AGM Report 2007

FGM Report 2007

Resolutions Manual 1995-2005, ed by Bev Ramey, summer 2005.

Resolution Manual 1989-1994, ed by Laurence Brown, July 1994.

Policy Manual and Resolutions 1979-88, by Rob Kitchen through Douglas College, fall 1988.

Five Year Strategic Plan 1998-2003, compiled by Anne Murray, 1998.

FBCN Conservation Policy:  Grasslands, 2000.

FBCN Marine Ecosystems Policy, draft, May 2000

FBCN Conservation Policy:  Marine Protected Areas, draft,  2001

Important Bird Areas (IBAs) Conservation Plans for:

Baynes Sound / Lambert Channel – Hornby Island Waters – 2001

Osoyoos Oxbows – 2001

Fraser Lake – 2001

Southern Vancouver Island Marine Waters and Seabird Islands – 2001

Cordillera Journal, 1995 – 2000, ten volumes.

Community Action for Endangered Species – Public Symposium, 1991.

Summaries of Discussion Papers 1991.

Roles of Conservancies and Education in Preserving the Natural Features of the South Okanagan – Report of the South Okanagan Round Table, FBCN & The Nature Trust, 1990.

A History:  The Federation of B.C. Naturalists 1988.

Bits & Pieces – Symposium on Natural Diversity, 1987.

BC Land for Wildlife – Past, Present and Future; proceedings of symposium, 1981.  FBCN, SFU and Fish & Wildlife Branch.

Land for Nature (LFN) Reports: List of Titles and Summary Description.

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