Regional Science Fair Awards

BC Nature has recently increased their Science Fair awards and changed the award criteria to strongly encourage an outdoor nature monitoring or conservation project.

The “BC Nature Awards” (Federation of BC Naturalists) are to be awarded at each British Columbia Regional Science Fair to the best natural history project done by a student(s) in Grades 6 to 8 (junior), $75 and by a student(s) in Grades 9 to 12 (senior) $75. This includes studies of any aspect of natural history, conservation of natural habitats and/or natural species. An outdoor, nature monitoring or conservation project is strongly encouraged.

What is an outdoor, nature monitoring or conservation project? You can monitor plants, turtles, frogs, bees, birds, bats and species at risk or participate in an aspect of Streamkeeping, Shorekeeping or wetlands monitoring or participate and monitor an invasive plant removal and/or native planting project.

Teachers may not have time to support individual students and their outdoor project but parents may be able to help and you may wish to request assistance from your local Naturalists Club, science faculty of your local college or local environmental agency or business.

You can make further inquiries at your local Naturalists’ Club; or BC Nature Education Chair Marg Cuthbert, email: The Science Fair Foundation manages an Alumni Mentorship Program for those who request mentors, contact Madeleine Guenette, Director of Operations, Science Fair Foundation BC, tel: 604.602.5219, email:







Cariboo Mainline 

Tahlia Reily, Saving the Salmon McGowan Park

Central Interior

Antonia Tannert, Algae-mania “Fun with Green Scum”, Westside Academy

Willa Crowley, Factors Influencing Ungulate Visitation Rates at a Mineral Lick, Fort St. James Secondary.

Central Okanagan

Rylie Mahaffy & Josie Nickle, Magical Micro Mineral, KVR

Teryl Bates, A Fibinacci Solution – Mitigating Landslides and Avalanches v.2, Kelowna Secondary.

East Kootenay

Elias Meulenbeld, Expanding Seeds, TM Roberts Elementary

Connor Ashbridge, Human Extinction, Elkford Secondary.

Fraser Valley

Lydia Vanderven, Captivating Chameleons: The truth behind their colors, Credo Christian School

Sarah Choi & Neelah Hassanzadeh, Black Soldier Fly Larvae as Organic Fertilizer, RE Mountain Secondary

Greater Vancouver

Aliyah Fisher, How Different Light Intensities Affect Jellyfish Behaviour, Sir Charles Tupper Secondary

Thomas Yuan, Novel Approach to Salmon Stock Prediction: Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms, St. George’s School.

Northern BC

Hayley Korfman, Living with Oil, Freedom Thinkers.

Norther Vancouver Island

Kaia Mckay, Biodiversity, Sunset.

Pacific Northwest

Wren Williston, She sees se slugs by the seashore

Sebastian Audet, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish…Hey!

South Fraser

Jotpreet Randhawa & Shaneya Vii, Iron Fertilization: A Possible Solution to marine Osteoporosis, Southpointe Academy.

Vancouver Island

Wishva Kosgoda, Using Animal Behaviour to Detect Environmental Change, Mount Douglas Secondary School

Sidney Hurst, Is This the End of Coral? Oak Bay Secondary.

West Kootenay

Jill O’Hearn-Stone & Eileen Zheng, Global Climate Change, St. Michael’s School.

Yukon Stikine

Bruce Porter, Pristine Waters: A pioneering project in Yukon River Microplastic research, FH Collins Secondary

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