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NatureKids BC’s mission is to help children get outdoors to explore, play, learn about and take action for nature. Children aged 5-12 and their families get outside and discover nearby nature through a network of volunteer-led family nature clubs, discovering the wonders of the natural world as they explore outdoors on Explorer day field trips, read about nature in NatureWILD magazine and take action for the environment with stewardship projects and citizen science initiatives.

There has never been a greater need for organizations like ours. It is important that we actively help this generation of children get outdoors and connected with nature because so much is at stake if we don’t. Along with the many health benefits – including stress reduction, better sleep and improved mental and physical health – spending time outside also helps families develop stronger bonds and, very importantly, it teaches children about environmental stewardship and inspires them to protect our environment.

We run an award winning nature discovery program with an 18-year track record of getting children and their families outside exploring nearby nature. Through a province-wide network of 25+ volunteer-led nature clubs in communities all over British Columbia, children explore nature on their doorstep, learn about BC’s wildlife, plants and wild spaces, and take action for nature.

Volunteer club leaders and nature mentors organize and deliver monthly Explorer Days which are outings where families discover their local nature and meet other people interested in the outdoors. We also organize an annual BC-wide citizen science project – in 2018 children, families and schools got involved with our pollinator citizen science project.

More than 30,000 children have participated in the Nature Club Program since we started out as a youth initiative of Nature Vancouver in 2000 (we are now our own charity). In 2017 alone, 1,100 children experienced 3,300 nature adventures with their volunteer club leaders and local nature mentors. In 2017, our participants took part in several citizen science initiatives, including the Christmas Bird Count for Kids, the Great Backyard Bird Watch, our Cat Aware Bird Care Youth Citizen Science Project and amphibian road surveys. Through our stewardship activities, NatureKids BC participants improved 3,093,864 m2 of land; planted 393 native plants, trees and shrubs; and installed 108 bird/bee/bat boxes.

Our members receive NatureWILD magazine which is published quarterly by NatureKids BC and sent to our family members, elementary schools and magazine subscribers. NatureWILD magazine is BC’s only all-color nature magazine for children and their families and every issue features a range of articles by BC’s leading naturalists, as well as games, nature activities, step-by-step drawing instructions, contests, quizzes, “Ask Al” column, nature news from young naturalists from across the province, stories and poems.

All members become part of our Passport to Nature Program – each time a member has joined 6 organized nature adventures (with NatureKids BC or elsewhere), they get a prize.

There are several ways you can get involved:
Subscribe to our e-newsletter, the NatureKids Buzz
● Volunteer as a nature club leader or nature mentor
● Make a donation to help more children in BC learn about and take action for nature.
● Join as a member (memberships are only $35/families or $25/individual adults), or give a gift membership or sign up for a NatureWILD subscription ($20)

NatureKids BC is a registered charity 84961 1926 RR0001. Our legal name remains Young Naturalists’ Club of British Columbia Society.

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