Climate Change

The following are articles and reports relating to global climate changes and shifts. 

Impacts, Risks, and Adaptation in the US. 2018. Reidmiller et al.(editors).

US Global Change Research Program. Link 

Climate Preparedness and Adaptation Strategy. 2020. BC Forest Practice

Board, Submission to the Provincial Climate Preparedness and Adaptation

Strategy. Link 

State of Climate Policy in BC. 2019. Reihl and Wu. Pembina Institute,

Backgrounder. Link

Alberta’s Climate Future. 2019. Hayhoe and Stoner. ATMOS Research and


*   Final Rpt. Link

*   1-page summary. Link

Canada’s Changing Climate Report. 2019. Bush and Lemmen (editors). Govt of

Canada. Link 

Barriers and opportunities for social-ecological adaptation to climate

change in coastal BC. 2019. Whitney and Ban. Ocean and Coastal Mgmt. Link

Assessing the risks to US and Canadian mammals caused by climate change

using a trait-mediated model. 2019. McCain. J Mammalogy. Link 

Applying Climate Change Information in Resource Management: User Needs

Survey. 2019. Price and Daust. BC Govt, Tech Rpt 126. Link 

Update on daily temperature and precipitation changes in Canada. 2019.

Vincent et al. Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium, PCIC Sci Brief. Link

Evaluating Knowledge to Support Climate Action: A Framework for Sustained

Assessment. Report of an Independent Advisory Committee on Applied Climate

Assessment. 2019. Moss et al. Weather, Climate, and Society. Link

microclimUS: hourly estimates of historical microclimates for the USA with

example applications. 2019. Kearney. Ecol. Link 

Handbook of Climate Change and Biodiversity. 2019. Filho et al. (editors).

Springer. Link


*   The Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative as an Adaptive

Response to Climate Change. Chestrer and Hilty. Link 

*   Hypotheses from Recent Assessments of Climate Impacts to Biodiversity

and Ecosystems in the US. Carter et al. Link 

Rapidly declining remarkability of temperature anomalies may obscure public

perception of climate change. 2019. Moore et al. PNAS. Link

North America. 2019. Zolnikov. IN: Global Adaptation and Resilience to

Climate Change: 91-102. Link 

The governance of climate change adaptation: are networks to blame for the

implementation deficit? 2019. Bednar et al. J Environ Policy Plan. Link 

Curriculum gaps for adult climate literacy. 2019. Cooper et al. Conserv Sci

and Practice. Link 

Climate science curricula in Canadian secondary schools focus on human

warming, not scientific consensus, impacts or solutions. 2019. Wynes and

Nicholas. PLoS ONE. Link 

Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation in Southwest Washington. 2019.

Hudec et al. (editors). US-FS PNW Research Stn, GTR 977. Link 

Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation in South-Central Oregon. 2019.

Halofsky et al. (editors). US-FS, PNW Research Stn, GTR 974. Link 

Evaluating Knowledge to Support Climate Action: A Framework for Sustained

Assessment. Report of an Independent Advisory Committee on Applied Climate

Assessment. 2019. Moss et al. Weather, Climate, Society. OTHER KEYWDS: fire,

flood, etc. Link 

Spatial scale affects novel and disappeared climate change projections in

Alaska. 2019. Morrison et al. Ecol Evol. Link

Adaptive responses of animals to climate change are most likely

insufficient. 2019. Radchuk et al. Nature Communications 10: Art 3109. Link

he Topographic Signature of Ecosystem Climate Sensitivity in the Western. 2019. Hoylman et al. Geophysical Research Letters. Link

Identifying stakeholder-relevant climate change impacts: A case study in the Yakima River Basin, Washington, USA. 2014. Jenni, K. et al. Climatic Change 124(1-2): 371-384. Link.

Does effective climate policy require well-informed citizen support? 2014. Rhodes, E. et al. Global Environ Change 29: 92-104. Link.

Increased temperature variation poses a greater risk to species than climate warming. 2014. Vasseur, D. et al. PRS-B  281: 1779. Link.

Labeling opinions in the climate debate: a critical review. 2015. Howarth, C. and A. Sharman. WIREs Climate Chg 6(2): 239–254. Link.

Women learn more from local than global examples of the biological impacts of climate change. 2015. Theobald, E. et al. Frontiers in Ecol and the Environ 13(3): 132–137. Link.

Coverage and framing of climate change adaptation in the media: A review of influential North American newspapers during 1993–2013. 2015. Ford, J. and D. King. Environ Sci and Policy 48: 137-146. Link.

Relative sensitivity to climate change of species in northwestern North America. 2015. Case, M. et al. Biol Conserv 187: 127-133. Link.

Comparative Phylogeography Highlights the Double-Edged Sword of Climate Change Faced by Arctic- and Alpine-Adapted Mammals. 2015. Lanier, H. et al. PLoS ONE 10(3): e0118396. Link.

Relating Sub-Surface Ice Features to Physiological Stress in a Climate Sensitive Mammal, the American Pika (Ochotona princeps). 2015. Wilening, J. et al. PLoS ONE 10(3): e0119327. Link.

Climate change creates rapid species turnover in montane communities. 2015. Gibson-Reineme, D. et al. Ecol and Evol 5(12): 2340-2347. Link.

Seepage: Climate change denial and its effect on the scientific community. 2015. Lewandowsky, S. et al. Global Environ Change 33: 1-13. Link.

Adapting natural resource management to climate change: Considerations for practitioners and Government staff. 2016. Various authors. BC MFLNRO.

  • Caribou Region. Hamm and Hopkins.  PDF
  • West and South Coast Regions. Klassen and Hopkins. PDF
  • Kootenay Boundary Region. MacKillop and Hopkins. PDF
  • Northeast Region. Kabzems and Hopkins. PDF
  • Omineca Region. Foord and Hopkins. PDF
  • Skeena Region. Mackenzie and Hopkins. PDF 
  • Thompson Okanagan Region. Ryan and Hopkins. PDF

Novel climates: Trajectories of climate change beyond the boundaries of BC’s forest management knowledge system. 2018. Mahoney et al. Forest Ecol and Mgmt. Link

Estimating climate change effects on grazing management and beef cattle production in the [US] Pacific Northwest. 2018. Neibergs et al. Climatic Change. Link

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