Conservation Resources

The following articles mostly surround conservation approaches in Canada and the USA.

Canada and the US: Regional Analyses. 2014. McDermott, C. et al. IN: Global forest policies: An international comparison: Part 2, Chapter 3: 71-124. Earthscan. OTHER KEYWDS: timber harvesting, riparian, roads Link

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Short-Term Effects of Variable-Retention Logging Practices on Terrestrial Gastropods in Coastal Forests of BC. 2016. Ovaska, K. et al. NW Sci 90(3): 260277. Link

Providing a Regional Connectivity Perspective to Local Connectivity Conservation Decisions in the BC-Washington Transboundary Region: Okanagan-Kettle Subregion Connectivity Assessment. 2016. Transboundary Connectivity Group. Link

Identifying climate impacts and adaptation actions for wildlife habitat connectivity in the cross-boundary region of Washington and BC. 2016. Krosby, M. et al. Climate Impacts Group, U of Washington. The Washington-BC Transboundary Climate-Connectivity Project. PDF

Landscape Conservation Cooperatives: Working Beyond Boundaries to Tackle Large-Scale Conservation Challenges. 2016. Olliff, T. et al. Geo Wright Forum 33(2). NO URL

Connecting Leaders to Advance Policy and Practice: The Practitioners’ Network for Large Landscape Conservation. 2016. Johnson, S. Geo Wright Forum 33(2). NO URL

Policy design for forest carbon sequestration: A review of the literature. 2016. Gren, I-M. and A. Aklilu. Forest Policy and Econ 70: 128-136. Link

Development and use of a commercial-scale biochar spreader. 2016. Page-Dumroese, D. et al. US-FS Rocky Mtn Research Stn, RMRS-GTR-354. OTHER KEYWDS: timber harvesting, restoration, nutrient/water retention, carbon sequestration  PDF

How the Boone and Crockett Club shaped North American conservation. 2016. Krausman, P. and S. Mahoney. Internat J of Environ Studies 72(5): 746-755. Link

Trapping and furbearer management in North American wildlife conservation. 2016. White, B. et al. Internat J of Environ Studies 72(5): 756-769. Link

Can camera trapping provide accurate estimates of small mammal (Myodes rutilus and Peromyscus maniculatus) density in the boreal forest? 2016. Villette, P. et al. J of Mammalogy 97(1): 32-40. Link

Complexity and creative capacity: rethinking knowledge transfer, adaptive management and wicked environmental problems. 2016. Chapman, K. Routledge. Link

Benefits and Limitations of Using Decision-Analytic Tools to Assess Uncertainty and Prioritize Landscape Conservation Cooperative Information Needs. 2016. van der Burg, M. et al.  J of Fish and Wildlife Mgmt 7(1): 280-290. Link

Dispersal Ecology Informs Design of Large-Scale Wildlife Corridors. 2016. Benz, R. et al. PLoS ONE 11(9): e0162989. OTHER KEYWDS: elk, highways, predators. Link

Framing the concept of satellite remote sensing Essential Biodiversity Variables [EBV]: challenges and future directions. 2016. Pettorelli, N. et al. Remote Sens of Ecol and Conserv 2(3): 122-131. Link

The role of space agencies in remotely sensed Essential Biodiversity Variables [EBV]. 2016. Paganini, M. et al. Remote Sens of Ecol and Conserv 2(3): 132-140. Link

Aligning policies to support forest restoration and promote organizational change. 2016. Schultz, C. et al. Forest Policy and Econ 73: 195-203. Link

Collaborative research praxis to establish baseline ecoacoustics conditions in Gitga’at Territory. 2016. Ritts, M. et al. Global Eco and Conserv 7: 25-38. OTHER KEYWDS: citizen science, soundscape ecology, Hartley Bay, Kitimat. Link

Badgers: Systematics, biology, conservation and research techniques. 2016. Proulx, G. and E. San (editors). Alpha Wildlife Publications.  Link

A productive role for science in assisted colonization policy. 2016. Neff, M. and K. Carroll. WIRES Climate Change 7(6): 852-868. Link

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The Canadian context for evidence-based conservation and environmental management. 2016. Cooke, S. et al. Environ Evidence 5(14). Link

Forest Management, Public Goods, and Optimal Policies. 2016. Ollokainen, M. Annual Review of Resource Econ 8: 207-226. Link

[US] Forest Service Research and Development: strategic vision for the experimental forests and ranges network. 2016. Stine, P. US-FS, PNW Research Stn, PNW- GTR-935. PDF

Research Priorities from Animal Behaviour for Maximising Conservation Progress. 2016. Gregor, A. et al. TREE 31(12): 953-964. PDF

Carnivore conservation: shifting the paradigm from control to coexistence. 2017. Bergstrom. J Mammalogy. Link

Expanding the Portfolio: Conserving Nature’s Masterpieces in a Changing World. 2017. Hobbs et al. BioSci. Link

Mapping Conservation Strategies under a Changing Climate. 2017. BioSci. Belote et al. Link

Building capacity in remote sensing for conservation: present and future challenges. 2017. Palumbo et al. Remote Sens in Ecol and Conserv. Link

Assessment of USDA-NRCS rangeland conservation programs: recommendation for an evidence-based conservation platform. 2017. Briske et al. Ecol Apps. Link

Why the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation is Problematic for Modern Wildlife Management. 2017. Peterson and Nelson. Human Dimensions Wildlife. Link

Effects of disputes and easement violations on the cost-effectiveness of land conservation. 2015. Schuster and Arcese. Peer J. Link

The Canadian context for evidence-based conservation and environmental management. 2016. Cooke et al. Environ Evidence. Link

Forest Conservation in the Anthropocene: Science, Policy, and Practice. 2016. Sample et al. U Press of Colorado. Link

Combinations of aggregated and dispersed retention improve conservation of saproxylic beetles in boreal white spruce stands. 2017. Lee et al. Forest Ecol Mgmt. Link

Assessments of species’ vulnerability to climate change: from pseudo to science. 2017. Wade et al. Biodiv and Conserv. Link

On non-epistemic values in conservation biology. 2017. Baumgaertner and Holthuijzen. Conserv Biol. Link

Mainstreaming the social sciences in conservation. 2017. Bennett et al. Conserv Biol. Link

[US] Federal Ecosystem Management: Its Rise, Fall, and Afterlife. 2015. Skillen. U Kansas Press. Link

Oversight at Risk: The state of government science in BC. 2017. Smith et al. Evidence for Democracy. PDF

Defending the scientific integrity of conservation-policy processes. 2017. Carroll et al. Conserv Biol. Link

Long-term dynamics and characteristics of snags created for wildlife habitat. 2017. Barry et al. Forest Ecol Mgmt. Link

Klamath Tribes: Managing Their [Oregon] Homeland Forests in Partnership with the US-FS. 2017. Hatcher et al. J Forestry. Link

Working Together to Implement the [US] Tribal Forest Protection Act of 2004: Partnerships for Today and Tomorrow. 2017. Lucero and Tamez. J Forestry. Link

Strong Foundations: Recap and recommendations from scientists regarding the federal environmental and regulatory reviews. 2017. Westwood et al. Yellowstone-to-Yukon. PDF

A new vision for impact assessment in Canada: The final report of the expert panel for the review of the environmental assessment processes. 2017. Cdn Environ Assess Agency. PDF

Bighorn backcountry of Alberta: Protecting vulnerable wildlife and precious waters. 2017. Weaver. Wildlife Conservation Society Canada. Link

Thompson Rivers Natural Resource District Range Agreement for Grazing: Audit of range planning and practices RAN 077749 [near Cache Creek]. 2017. BC Forest Practices Board. PDF

Using adaptive processes and adverse outcome pathways to develop meaningful, robust, and actionable environmental monitoring programs. 2017. Arciszewski et al. Integ Environ Assess Mgmt. Link

International consensus principles for ethical wildlife control. 2017. Dubois et al. Conserv Biol. Link

A roadmap for knowledge exchange and mobilization research in conservation and natural resource management. 2017. Nguyen et al. Conserv Biol. Link

Identifying Effective and Sustainable Measures for Community-Based Environmental Monitoring. 2017. McKay and Johnson. Environ Mgmt. Link

Behavioral flexibility as a mechanism for coping with climate change. 2017. Beever et al. Frontiers Ecol and Environ. Link

A Review of the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives. 2016. Committee on the Evaluation of the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives. Link

The [BC] Forest and Range Evaluation Program. 2017. BC Forest Practices Bd, Special Rpt. PDF  

Opportunities to Improve the [BC] Forest and Range Practices Act. 2017. BC Forest Practices Bd, Special Rpt. OTHER KEYWDS: resource roads   PDF

Forest Practices Board Submission to Professional Reliance Review. 2017. BC Forest Practices Bd. PDF

A conservation assessment of Canada’s boreal forest incorporating alternate climate change scenarios. 2017. Powers etal. Remote Sens in Ecol and Conserv. Link

Stand development 18 years after gap creation in a uniform Douglas-fir plantation. 2017. Curtis et al. US-FS PNW Research Stn, Research Paper. PDF

Rangeland Systems: Processes, Management and Challenges. 2017. Briske (editor). Springer. Link

Collaborative groups related to sustainable grazing on public lands. 2017. Staube. Human-Wildlife Interactions. Link 

Applied Ecology: Monitoring, Managing, and Conserving. 2017. Goodenough, A., and A. Hart. Oxford U Press. Link

Strengthening Canada’s environmental assessment and regulatory processes: Recommendations and model legislation for sustainability. 2017. Olszynski et al. U of Calgary et al. PDF

[US] Forest Service Research and Development Performance and Accountability Report: Fiscal year 2016. 2017. US-FS, Washington Office. PDF

[US] Forest Service watershed management. 2017. Harden et al. USDA Office of Inspector General, Audit Rpt. OTHER KEYWDS: watershed condition, restoration. PDF

[US] Forest Service’s plan for addressing climate change. 2017. Harden et al. USDA Office of Inspector General, Audit Rpt. PDF

[US] Forest Service deferred maintenance. 2017. Harden et al.  USDA Office of Inspector General, Audit Rpt.  OTHER KEYWDS: environmental damage, human health and safety, dam inspections. PDF

Does Engagement in Advocacy Hurt the Credibility of Scientists? Results from a Randomized [US] National Survey Experiment. 2017. Kotcher. Environ Communication. Link

To Advocate or Not Is No Longer the Question: Paths to Enhance Scientific Engagement. 2018. Wittemyer et al. BioSci. Link

Columbia Valley Priority Conservation Actions Summary Report. 2018. Mahr. Kootenay Conservation Program and Columbia Wetlands Stewardship Partners. Link

Going Beyond the Biophysical When Mapping [US] National Forests. 2018. Koch et al. US-FS, PNW Research Stn, Sci Findings. PDF

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