Plant-Based Research

Below are links to particular plant species, ecosystems, or issues.

Pine Trees

Whitebark Pine Germination: Is It Really That Difficult? 2016. Riley et al. Tree Planters’ Notes. Link

Current practices for growing whitebark pine seedlings at the [US-FS], Coeur d’Alene Nursery. 2016. Overton et al. Tree Planters’ Notes.  Link

Excavation of Red Squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) Middens by Bears (Ursus spp.) in Limber Pine (Pinus flexilis) Habitat in Banff National Park, Alberta. 2016. Hamer. Cdn Field Naturalist. Link

Evaluating future success of whitebark pine ecosystem restoration under climate change using simulation modeling. 2017. Keane et al. Restor Ecol. Link

Autumn Snowfall Controls the Annual Radial Growth of Centenarian Whitebark Pine (Pinus albicaulis) in the Southern Coast Mountains, BC, Canada. 2017. Carlson et al. Arctic, Antarctic, Alpine Research. Link

Novel forest decline triggered by multiple interactions among climate, an introduced pathogen and bark beetles. 2017. Wong and Daniels. Global Change Biol. OTHER KEWDS: whitebark pine. Link

Ecotone response to climatic variability depends on stress gradient interactions. 2017. Malanson et al. Climate Change Responses. OTHER KEYWDS: subalpine fir, Engelmann spruce, whitebark pine. Link

Contrasting patterns of genetic diversity across the ranges of Pinus monticola and P. strobus: A comparison between eastern and western North American postglacial colonization histories. 2015. Nadeau et al. Amer J Botany. Link

Ponderosa: People, Fire, and the West’s Most Iconic Tree. 2015. Fiedler and Arno. Mountain Press Publishing. Link

Lodgepole pine and trembling aspen competition: Neighbourhood studies within 22 to 39 year-old pine plantations of northern BC.  2017. Harper. Foresty Chronicle.  Link

Bioinformatically predicted deleterious mutations reveal complementation in the interior spruce hybrid complex. 2017. Conte et al. BMC Genomics. Link

A novel stochastic method for reconstructing daily precipitation times-series using tree-ring data from the western Canadian Boreal Forest. 2017. Chun et al. Dendrochronologia. Link

Decay of Living Western Redcedar: A Literature Review. 2017. Sturrock et al. Cdn Forest Service, PFC, info Rpt. PDF

Vascular development in very young conifer seedlings: Theoretical hydraulic capacities and potential resistance to embolism. 2017. Miller and Johnson. Amer J Botany. Link

Climate-related genetic variation in a threatened tree species, Pinus albicaulis. 2017. Warwell and Shaw. Amer J Botany. PDF

Restoration of Endangered Whitebark Pine (Pinus albicaulis) in the Wetzin’Kwa Community Forest and Environs [near Smithers]. 2017. Haeussler. Bulkley Valley Research Centre. PDF

 Oak Trees

Prairie, Oaks, and People: A conservation business plan to revitalize the prairie-oak habitats of the Pacific Northwest. 2017.  Altman et al. American Bird Conservancy et al. PDF

Conserving Oregon White Oak in Urban and Suburban Landscapes. 2017. Wilson and Labbe. US Soil and Water Conservation Districts. PDF

Prairie oaks and people: A conservation business plan to revitalize the prairie-oak habitats of the Pacific Northwest. 2017. Altman et al. Cascadia Prairie-Oak Partnership. PDF

  • Profile projects (companion document)  PDF

Broadleaf/Deciduous Trees

Substantial role for carbonic anhydrase in latitudinal variation in mesophyll conductance of Populus trichocarpa Torr. & Gray. 2017. Momayyezi and Guy. Plant, Cell and Environ. Link

Blue light differentially represses mesophyll conductance in high vs low latitude genotypes of Populus trichocarpa Torr. & Gray. 2017. Momayyezi and Guy. J Plant Physiol. Link

What causes female bias in the secondary sex ratios of the dioecious woody shrub Salix sitchensis colonizing a primary successional landscape? 2015. Che-Costaldo et al. Amer J Botany. Link


Biology and biological control of Dalmatian and yellow toadflax. 2016. Sing et al. US-FS, Forest Health Tech Enterprise Team.

Current knowledge and attitudes: Russian olive biology, ecology and management. 2016. Sing and Delaney. In proceedings: 3rd Northern Rockies Invasive Plants Council Conference.

Beach-dune sediment budgets and dune morphodynamics following coastal dune restoration, Wickaninnish Dunes, Canada. 2016. Darke et al. Earth Surface Processes Landforms.

Garry Oak (Oak-Savannah) Ecosystems

Flowering phenology and nesting resources influence pollinator community composition in a fragmented ecosystem. 2015. Wray, J. and E. Elle. Landscape Ecol 30(2): 261-272. Link.

Reproductive system of a mixed-mating plant responds to climate perturbation by increased selfing. 2013. Jones, N. et al. PRS-B 280(1776). Link.


Propagating Native Milkweeds for Restoring Monarch Butterfly Habitat. 2014. Landis, T. and K. Dumroese. Internat Plant Propagators’ Society, Combined Proceedings 64: 299-307. Link.


Knotweeds. 2016. Invasive Spp Council of BC. PDF

Using Risk Assessment and Habitat Suitability Models to Prioritise Invasive Species for Management in a Changing Climate. 2016. Chai et al. PLoS ONE. OTHER KEYWDS: giant knotweed PDF

Other Invasive Species

Invasive species prevention. 2015. Invasive Spp Council of BC.  PDF

Be PlantWise: Choose noninvasive plants for your garden. 2015. Invasive Spp Council of BC.  PDF

Outdoor recreation. 2016. Invasive Spp Council of BC. PDF

Don’t let it loose. 2016. Invasive Spp Council of BC.  PDF

Invasive scotch broom alters soil chemical properties in Douglas-fir forests of the Pacific Northwest, USA. 2016. Slesak et al. Plant Soil. Link

Non-Native Plant Invasion along Elevation and Canopy Closure Gradients in a Middle Rocky Mountain Ecosystem. 2016. Averett et al. PLoS ONE. PDF

The invasive plant, Brassica nigra [garlic mustard], degrades local mycorrhizas across a wide geographical landscape. 2015. Pakpour and Klironomos. Royal Society Open Sci. PDF

Herbicide usage for invasive non-native plant management in wildland areas of North America. 2017. Wagner et al. J Applied Ecol. Link

Predicting costs of alien species surveillance across varying transportation networks. 2017. Blackburn et al. J Applied Ecol. OTHER KEYWDS: economics, highways  Link

Gene expression and drought response in an invasive thistle [knapweed]. 2017. Turner et al. Biol Invasions. Link

Does leaf litter from invasive plants contribute the same support of a stream ecosystem function as native vegetation? 2017. Kuglerova et al. Ecosphere. Link

Costs of induced defenses for the invasive plant houndstongue (Cynoglossum officinale L.) and the potential importance for weed biocontrol. 2016. Runyon and Birdsall. Arthropod-Plant Interactions. Link

Scientific and Normative Foundations for the Valuation of Alien-Species Impacts: Thirteen Core Principles. 2017. Essl et al. BioSci. Link

 Molecular Plant Biology

Spirostaphylotrichin W, a spirocyclic gamma-lactam isolated from liquid culture of Pyrenophora semeniperda, a potential mycoherbicide for cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) biocontrol. 2014. Masi, M. et al. Tetrahedron 70: 1497-1501. Link.

Effect of strain and cultural conditions on the production of cytochalasin B by the potential mycoherbicide Pyrenophora semeniperda (Pleosporaceae, Pleosporales). 2015. Masi, M. et al. Biocontrol Sci and Tech 24: 53-64. Link.

Exotic brome-grasses in arid and semiarid ecosystems of the western US: Causes, consequences, and management implications. 2016. Germino, et al. (editors). Springer: Series on Environ Mgmt. Link.

Plant Disease

Horizontal gene transfer and gene dosage drives adaptation to wood colonization in a [poplar] tree pathogen. 2015. Dhillon et al. Proceedings: National Acad Sci USA.  Link

Anthropogenic signature in the incidence and distribution of an emerging pathogen of poplars. 2016. Herath et al. Biol Invasions. Link 

Anthropogenic signature in the incidence and distribution of an emerging pathogen of poplars. 2016. Herath, P. et al. Biol Invasions 18(4): 1147-1161. Link.

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