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*Precautionary Tools for Reshaping Environmental Policy. 2005. Myers, N. and C. Raffensperger. MIT Press. LinkChapters include:

Precautionary Procedures: Tools of Analysis and Intention
Precautionary Options
A Checklist for Precautionary Decisions
The Checklist at Work
Answering the Critics

Transparency: A Precautionary Economic Analysis of Coalbed Methane.   The quandaries and promise of risk mgmt: A scientist’s perspective on integration of science and mgmt. 2007. Marcot, B. George Wright Forum 24(2).

What does biodiversity actually do? A review for managers and policy makers. 2007. Thompson, R. and B. Starzomski. Biodiversity and Conservation 16(5): 1359-1378. Link and Link

Information Management: Barrier or Bridge to Integrating Natural Resources Science and Management? 2007. Bingham, B. George Wright Forum 24(2).

Integrating Science and Management: Becoming Who We Thought We Were. 2007. Soukup, M. George Wright Forum 24(2).

Scientific expertise and natural resource decisions: Social science participation on interdisciplinary scientific committees. 2002. Freudenburg, W. Social Science Quarterly 83:119-136Link.

The Role of Science in Public Policy: Higher Reason, or Reason for Hire?  2007. Haller, S. and J. Gerrie. J of Ag and Enviromnmental Ethics 20(2); 139-165. Link.

Plug and abandonment practices and trends: A BC perspective. 2019. Wang et al. J Petrol Sci Engineer. Link 

[US] Federal Energy Development: Challenges to Ensuring a Fair Return for Federal Energy Resources. 2019. US Govt Accountability Office. OTHER KEYWDS: bonding, orphan wells, reclamation, emissions. Link 

Using Concepts from the Study of Social Movements to Understand Community Response to Liquefied Natural Gas Development in Clatsop County, [northeast] Oregon. 2019. Tran et al. Case Studies Environ. Link 

Small-mammal abundance differs between pipelines, edges, and interior boreal forest habitat. 2019. Darling et al. Cdn J Zoology. Link

Testing the Jurisdictional Waters: The Provincial Regulation of Interprovincial Pipelines. 2018. Olszynski. Review of Constit Studies. OTHER KEYWDS: BC, Alberta, environment. Link

Hydraulic Fracturing in Canada: Regulation by Moratorium or Specialized Agencies in Landscapes of Aboriginal and Treaty Rights. 2020. Curran. IN: Regulating water security in unconventional oil and gas. Springer. Link

Regulating Water Security in Unconventional Oil and Gas. 2020. Buono et al. Springer. Link  Includes:

*   Hydraulic Fracturing in Canada: Regulation by Moratorium or Specialized Agencies in Landscapes of Aboriginal and Treaty Rights. Curran. Link

*   Overview of Oil and Gas Wastewater Injection Induced Seismicity in Hydrocarbon Regions in the US, Canada, and Europe. Ehrman. Link

Between Kitimat LNG Terminal and Monkey Beach: Literary-Geographic Methods and the Politics of Recognition in Resource Governance on Haisla Territory. 2018. Milligan and McCreary. GeoHumanities. Link 

A left coast ‘thin green line’? Determinants of public attitudes toward fossil fuel export in the Northwestern US. 2019. Hazbourn. Extractive Industries and Society. Link

Overview of Oil and Gas Wastewater Injection Induced Seismicity in Hydrocarbon Regions in the US, Canada, and Europe. 2020. Ehrman. IN: Water security in unconventional oil and gas. Springer. Link

Measuring forest change patterns from oil and gas land use dynamics in northeastern BC 1975 to 2017. 2020. Oduro et al. Environ Monit Assess 192: 24. Link

Quantifying, comparing, and contrasting forest change pattern from shale gas infrastructure development in the BC’s shale gas plays. 2020. Applah et al. Internat J Sus Devel and World Ecol. OTHER KEYWDS: well pads, access roads, pipelines. Link

Evaluating rhamnolipid-enhanced washing as a first step in remediation of drill cuttings and petroleum-contaminated soils. 2020. Olasanmi and Thring. J Advanced Research. Link 

Atmospheric Deposition of Coal‐Related Pollutants in the Pacific Northwest of the US from 1950 to 2016. 2020. Sousa et al. Environ Toxic and Chem 39(2). Link


Techno-economic assessment of transportation biofuels from hydrothermal liquefaction of forest residues in BC. 2018. Nie and Bi. Energy. Link

Techno-economic analysis of producing solid biofuels and biochar from forest residues using portable systems. 2019. Sahoo et al. Applied Energy. Link

Ascertaining the Trajectory of Wood-Based Bioenergy Development in the US Based on Current Economic, Social, and Environmental Constructs. 2019. Masum et al. Annual Review Resource Econ. Link

Ex-situ catalytic fast pyrolysis of Beetle-killed lodgepole pine in a novel ablative reactor. 2019. Wise et al. Fuel. Link

Environmental and economic assessment of torrefied wood pellets from BC. 2020. Yun et al. Energy Conversion Mgmt. Link

Greenhouse gas emission reduction potential and cost of bioenergy in BC, Canada. 2020. Wang and Clift. Energy Policy. Link

Bioenergy development and the implications for the social wellbeing of Indigenous peoples in Canada. 2020. Zurba and Bullock. Ambio. Link

The future of bioenergy. 2020. Reid et al. Global Chg Biol. Link


Assessment of Potential Risks from Renewable Energy Development and Other Anthropogenic Factors to Wintering Golden Eagles in the Western US. 2018. Craig et al. IN: Machine Learning for Ecology and Sustainable Natural Resource Management. Springer. Link 

Impacts to wildlife of wind energy siting and operation in the US. 2019. Taber et al. Issues in Ecol 21. Link 


Using Emerging Technologies to Rethink and Enhance Coal Mine Reclamation Programs in the Western US. 2019. Haas et al. Nat Resources and Environ. Link

Hardrock Mining: [US] Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service Hold Billions in Financial Assurances, but More Readily Available Information Could Assist with Monitoring. 2019. US Govt Accountability Office. Link

Endophytic nitrogen fixation – a possible ‘hidden’ source of nitrogen for lodgepole pine trees growing at un-reclaimed gravel mining sites. 2019. Padda et al. Microbiol Ecol. Link

Invertebrate Response to Mine Reclamation (South-Central BC): The Effects of Reclamation Age on Arthropod Assemblages. 2020. Gervan et al. Geosci BC, Rpt 2020-01. Link 


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