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*Precautionary Tools for Reshaping Environmental Policy. 2005. Myers, N. and C. Raffensperger. MIT Press. LinkChapters include:

Precautionary Procedures: Tools of Analysis and Intention
Precautionary Options
A Checklist for Precautionary Decisions
The Checklist at Work
Answering the Critics

Transparency: A Precautionary Economic Analysis of Coalbed Methane.   The quandaries and promise of risk mgmt: A scientist’s perspective on integration of science and mgmt. 2007. Marcot, B. George Wright Forum 24(2).

What does biodiversity actually do? A review for managers and policy makers. 2007. Thompson, R. and B. Starzomski. Biodiversity and Conservation 16(5): 1359-1378. Link and Link

Information Management: Barrier or Bridge to Integrating Natural Resources Science and Management? 2007. Bingham, B. George Wright Forum 24(2).

Integrating Science and Management: Becoming Who We Thought We Were. 2007. Soukup, M. George Wright Forum 24(2).

Scientific expertise and natural resource decisions: Social science participation on interdisciplinary scientific committees. 2002. Freudenburg, W. Social Science Quarterly 83:119-136Link.

The Role of Science in Public Policy: Higher Reason, or Reason for Hire?  2007. Haller, S. and J. Gerrie. J of Ag and Enviromnmental Ethics 20(2); 139-165. Link.

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