BC Nature Photo Contest 2018


For your entry to be considered, you must be a member of BC Nature or a Federated Club of BC Nature (52 clubs in BC)

The subject of your photo entries should be of local (BC) content i.e. Botany, Birds, Wildlife, Insects etc., – Please – no people shots or people in your photographs.

Your photograph should be emailed in small jpeg format to manager@bcnature.ca no later than midnight December 31, 2018.  Large format of your photograph should be available if your photograph is chosen.  Large format = minimum 300 DPI or “Tiff” format.  For those photographers that do not have a way of converting your photograph to small images for emailing, please use Dropbox (a Free download, file sharing program) and “share” the file with manager@bcnature.ca and please put Photo Contest in the body of the email.

Winners will be announced in the BCnature – Spring Magazine, and will have their photographs published through-out the year as the cover of the magazine.

By participating in this contest, you are allowing BC Nature to use your photograph (with proper credit) for their website, social media and BCnature magazine

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