On the Living Edge – Your Handbook for Waterfront Living

Download chapters of On the Living Edge – Your Handbook for Waterfront Living. This award-winning publication gives shoreline residents tips for living beside water – whether it’s a stream, lake, or the ocean. Note that some website references in the book are now out of date; however the book contains much valuable information.

Section 1
Section1 Section1-1  Section1-2  Section1-3
Section 2
Section2  Section2-4  Section2-5  Section2-6  Section2-7  Section2-8  Section2-9
Section 3
Section3  Section3-10  Section3-11  Section3-12 S ection3-13  Section3-14  Section3-15  Section3-16
Section 4
Section4  Section4-17  Section4-18
Shoreline Action Checklist
Appendices and References
Appendix1  Appendix2  Appendix3  Appendix4
Give Your Shoreline A Makeover
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