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Milestones in the BC IBA program

1985 BirdLife International initiated the International IBA Program.
1996 An initial working list of 269 potential IBA sites was developed by BC Nature (Federation of BC Naturalists), Canadian Wildlife Service, BC Field Ornithologists, Wild Bird Trust of BC and others.
1999 BC Nature received a Millennium Grant to assist with funding an IBA Coordinator to develop conservation plans and materials.
2000 Somenos Marsh on Vancouver Island was the first BC IBA to be formally dedicated.
2001 Conservation Plans were published for 15 IBA sites around the province. View these Conservation Plans at www.ibacanada.ca.
2001 The Fraser River Estuary IBA, the most significant of all of Canada’s 597 designated areas, was dedicated at Crescent Beach.
2002 The Comox IBA was dedicated.
2003 The Seabird Survival brochure was published for southern Vancouver Island.
2006 The IBA program was reinvigorated with the initiation of a volunteer based Caretaker Network.
2007 The goal of recruiting caretakers for 50% of the IBA sites was surpassed!
2008 Caretakers were recruited for 90% of BC’s 84 IBAs!
2008 A technical BC IBA brochure was produced.
2009 An extensive IBA outreach project was initiated with support from Mountain Equipment Coop.
2010 A general BC IBA brochure was produced.
2011 A Canadian IBA Caretaker Manual was produced.
2011 Interpretive and identification signs were placed in 28 IBAs across BC (and more across Canada).
2012 Action planning was piloted in several Okanagan IBAs.
2016 New IBA identification signs placed in 5 more IBAs across BC.
2016 All BC IBA brochures updated.
2016 New & existing Caretakers (more than 60 volunteers) continue to monitor more than 90% of BC’s IBAs.



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